Panel Reinforcements

Aircraft Interior Panel Reinforcement

L&L Products‘ aircraft interior panel reinforcement is a lightweight epoxy-based material that has been developed to allow honeycomb cores to be readily reinforced in strategic areas without adding unnecessary weight. Typical applications include edge enhancement and reinforcing a localized area so metal hinges and inserts can be installed in the panel.

No mixing or weighing of separate components is required. L&L’s panel reinforcement material is available as a high viscosity paste for manual application and in a low viscosity state for use with a mechanical pump. Once cured, it can be readily machined and sanded.

Key Product Attributes

  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • User friendly
  • FST regulations compliant
  • Extended shelf life
  • Cure smooth, reduced post processing machining

Typical Applications

  • Honeycomb filling
  • Local reinforcement
  • Border enhancement
  • Insert bonding

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