Integrated Noise Damping

Aircraft Integrated Noise Damping

L&L Products provides acoustically treated honeycomb cores that offer significant improvements in acoustic insulation properties. The L&L approach is to embed a specially formulated acoustic material into specific areas of the core. In this way good sound insulation is achieved without adding unnecessary weight while saving cabin space. The resulting acoustic honeycomb core is supplied ready for use and does not require any change to existing manufacturing processes.

Typical application areas include: cabin lining panels, ceilings, floors, partition walls, galleys, lavatories and crew rest compartments.

Each application is analyzed on an individual basis to achieve a highly optimized, custom solution. Computer modeling is used to determine how both airborne noise and structural-borne noise can be reduced. This is followed by physical testing to fully validate the findings.

Key Product Attributes

  • Lightweight
  • High sound insulation values
  • Flame propagation resistant
  • Non-halogen based material
  • Flexible yet tear resistant
  • Odor free
  • Easy to install and fix

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