Making Vehicles lighter, stronger, quieter & safer


For more than 50 years, L&L Products has been working closely with the automotive industry providing solutions to make vehicles lighter, stronger, quieter and safer. Today, L&L partners with the world’s major global automotive manufacturers to provide innovative solutions.

As cars have become considerably more complex, L&L Products has developed many new materials, parts and systems in order to address more complex needs:

  • Bond together dissimilar materials
  • Reduce overall weight
  • Completely fill the cross section of a cavity
  • Increase BIW stiffness and enhance durability and overall NVH
  • Improve crash performance
  • Minimize overall sound intrusion into vehicle

With its highly specialized product engineers, designers and manufacturing personnel, L&L Products is able to combine material science, design engineering and application technology in order to develop customer-specific solutions.

Today, L&L Products delivers solutions covering:

  • Structural reinforcements
  • Acoustic layers and sealants
  • Structural bonding
  • Expanding sealants
  • Automated process of extruding and applying material