Acoustic Sealing

Acoustic Sealants

L&L’s acoustic sealing technology is designed to minimize the amount of exterior noise entering the interior of a vehicle by managing noise propagation through, and in some cases around, the body structure. Sealing the body cavities throughout the vehicle results in an increase in overall acoustic performance and a quieter ride.

Our acoustic sealant portfolio comprises both rubber and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) based sealants that are formulated with varying levels of volumetric expansion, density and cell structure.

When L&L’s acoustic sealing technology is combined with a three dimensional engineered carrier, extruded into a profile or die-cut, the result is a lightweight, high performance engineered solution for sealing even the most complex cavities.

L&L’s acoustic sealants are installed in the body shop prior to the e-coat process. During the e-coat bake cycle, our heat-activated sealants expand so that the entire cavity is completely filled and sealed. Typical applications include front fender cavities, pillars, roof rails and rockers.

In addition to sealing the body structure, our technology provides superior anti-flutter performance as well. By applying our sealant to roof bows and door beams, body panel vibration and noise is significantly reduced resulting in a quieter more comfortable ride.

Key Product Attributes

  • Lightweight
  • Engineered designs
  • Complex cavity sealing
  • Anti-flutter capability
  • Improved vehicle acoustic performance

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