Structural Reinforcements

Composite Body Solutions (L&L CBS)

L&L’s CBS structural reinforcement technology improves vehicle body structure performance. Our technology enables weight to be reduced, while maintaining or improving vehicle durability, stiffness, and crash worthiness.

When L&L’s structural adhesives are combined with a three dimensional engineered carrier, the result is a structural insert that provides a lightweight high strength solution for addressing NVH and safety issues.

During a crash event our structural inserts provide section integrity and load path management. This allows the energy to be transferred throughout the body structure while minimizing intrusion.

Improved NVH performance is achieved when our structural reinforcement technology is integrated into the body structure. Durability issues, such as metal fatigue, are also eliminated when L&L technology is utilized for localized reinforcement.

In addition local and global stiffness improvements can be attained as a result of our technology increasing the stability of joints and sections within the body structure.

With extensive in-house design and CAD/CAE expertise, L&L has the ability to engineer and manufacture structural reinforcement solutions that allow for maximum performance with minimal mass impact.

Crash scenario solutions for:

  • Small overlap
  • Roof crush
  • Frontal crash
  • Side impact
  • Rear crash

Key Product Attributes

  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Increased stiffness
  • Improved durability
  • Crash worthiness for FMVSS, IIHS, NCAP

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Composite Panel Stiffener

L&L Products Composite Panel Stiffener comprises a high expanding structural adhesive contained within a fiberglass reinforcement. It is designed to address stiffness (panel rigidity) and NVH (excessive panel vibration and noise) issues.

As a result of detailed analysis, our engineers are able to determine the ideal size and positioning of the Composite Panel Stiffener in order to provide our customers with optimal pricing and performance.

An L&L Composite Panel Stiffener is activated by heat and installed in the body shop prior to the e-coat process. While in its green state, the panel stiffener offers excellent substrate adhesion and pliability, which allows for it to adhere around corners. Once activated, the high performance stiffening is due to the increased moment of inertia.

Typical application areas include door panels, roof panels, hood, fender (front & rear), lift gate and tailgate panels and floor panels.

Key Product Attributes

  • High performance stiffening due to increased moment of inertia
  • Superior adhesion to a wide range of substrates in green state
  • Enables thinner gauge panels to be used thereby saving weight
  • Ability to hold around corners
  • A price competitive solution

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