Cavity Sealing

Expanding Sealants

L&L’s expanding sealant technology is designed to completely fill and seal a cavity in the body structure to prevent water, air, dust and fumes from intruding into the passenger and trunk compartments of a vehicle.

L&L’s expanding sealants are installed in the body shop prior to the e-coat process. During the e-coat bake cycle, our heat-activated sealants expand to fill the entire cavity, resulting in a completely sealed cavity.

Our expanding sealants portfolio consists of both rubber-based and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)-based sealants formulated with varying levels of volumetric expansion, density, and cell structure.

When L&L’s expanding sealant technology is combined with a three dimensional engineered carrier, extruded into a profile or die-cut, the result is a lightweight, high performance engineered solution for sealing even the most complex cavities.

Our expanding sealing tapes are formulated to have superior adhesion to various substrates found throughout the body of a vehicle – steel, aluminum, magnesium, and even oily metals.

Typical application areas include pillars, roof rails, rockers and fuel fillers.

Key Product Attributes

  • Lightweight
  • Engineered designs
  • Complex cavity sealing
  • Superior adhesion properties

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