Extrude-in-Place System


L&L Products‘ Extrude-in-Place (XiP) technology combines our custom formulated chemistry with the capability of a fully automated application process. XiP technology involves extruding and applying an L&L formulation directly to a metal substrate by a robot.

Our XiP compatible materials are formulated to be dry-to-touch immediately after being extruded onto the substrate for improved handling and superior green state adhesion (no e-coat wash off).  Like to many of our products, XiP materials are thermally activated and expand in the oven during the e-coat process.

L&L’s XiP technology offers a high level of repeatability for applications of varying complexity. It is particularly ideal for large parts and 3D sealing applications that require extreme precision and design flexibility in order to accommodate varying build conditions.

XiP is commonly used to seal areas where eliminating the intrusion of water, air, dust, and fumes into the vehicle is difficult to achieve. When applied to door beams or roof bows, XiP coupled with our acoustic sealant technology drastically improves the acoustic performance of a vehicle by damping the vibration between the components and the body panels.

Current XiP anti-flutter and sealing applications include door beams, roof bows, front fender baffles, rear lamp and pillar closures.

Key Product Attributes

  • Dry-to-touch
  • High repeatability
  • Versatile design capability
  • Superior green state adhesion
  • Improved acoustic and sealing performance

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