DECI-TEX® Acoustic Technology

DECI-TEX Engineered Sound Absorption

L&L DECI-TEX® fiber-based, acoustic technology solutions are precisely tuned and engineered for customer-specific applications. Unlike many competitors, DECI-TEX® solutions are available in both part and sheet form.

The primary benefits of the DECI-TEX® product range is the delivery of high acoustic and thermal performance while being lighter in weight and with less material usage than the competition.

The current DECI-TEX®range includes:

  • DECI-TEX® V – Vertically-lapped, lofted sound absorption materials
  • DECI-TEX® T – Thermoformable acoustic sheet-like materials
  • DECI-TEX® M – Molded vertically-lapped lofted sound absorption materials

As DECI-TEX® technology is fully vertically integrated it is readily possible to combine products within the range in order to further optimize customer solutions. DECI-TEX® systems are environmentally sound solutions, as they contain high amounts of recycled material and can be readily reprocessed.

Typical commercial vehicle applications include:

  • Dash board insulators
  • Hood insulators
  • Door insulators
  • Firewall / noise shields
  • Driver & passenger floor mat decouplers
  • Headliner acoustic / thermal trims

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