Cavity/Acoustic Sealing

Cavity / Acoustic Sealing

L&L Seal cavity sealing and acoustic technologies are designed to minimize noise entering the vehicle interior by managing noise propagation through and around the body structure. Additionally these technologies are utilized to reduce external noise that is generated by the vehicle when in use. L&L’s sealing technologies also provide vehicle manufacturers with significant added benefits such as the elimination of metal body corrosion, thereby enhancing body durability and reducing vehicle maintenance costs.

L&L Seal systems demonstrate excellent adhesion to the diverse mix of substrates employed by CV manufacturers, including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, glass fiber reinforced plastics and engineering thermoplastics.

L&L Products provides robust solutions for both cavity and structure borne noise reduction, allowing OEM’s to comply with the highest vehicle acoustic standards.

Key solutions include:

  • Expandable sealing tapes
  • Room temperature curing elastic sealant pastes
  • Extruded, injection molded or metal carrier based baffles
  • Weld through sealing tapes
  • Extruded seam sealers

Ultimate NVH performance improvements can be achieved when our sealing, structural and acoustic technologies are integrated using a ‘total vehicle’ approach. L&L’s design and engineering expertise is at our customers‘ disposal to assist in optimizing vehicle performance using the very latest CAD and CAE systems.

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