Structural Adhesives

Structural Bonding Adhesives

L&L Bond structural adhesives provide a number of important benefits over welding and mechanical fastener systems commonly employed in the CV industry:

  • Allows substrates to be bonded that are incompatible with welding processes (e.g. plastics or composites to metals).
  • Stresses and impacts can be distributed over a much wider area.
  • Corrosion associated with holes in galvanized or painted surfaces is eliminated.
  • Reduced risk of galvanic or contact corrosion.
  • Elimination of brittle fracture or stress cracking associated with certain welding processes.

L&L’s adhesive technologies provide class leading tensile properties and flexibility, combined with significant enhancements in process simplification via accelerated cycle times and elimination of complex surface pre-treatment processes. Our deep understanding of metal lubricants, press oil and release agent chemistry allows commonly required cleaning and pre-treatment steps to be eliminated. As a result, process complexity is reduced, cycle times are accelerated and part quality is enhanced for our customers.

L&L’s structural adhesive systems are available in a number of forms including:

  • Tapes
  • Films
  • Pastes

L&L’s structural bonding materials are customized to precisely match the processing and final part performance requirements of our customers – whatever the vehicle type or process design.

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