Extrude-in-Place System

L&L XiP (extrude in place) sealants and adhesives are supplied in dry pellet form. They are extruded directly onto metal or composite substrates to form a dry to the touch adhesive layer. This layer is then activated and cured during the body shop e-coating process. XiP systems are available in zero, low and high expansion formulations to meet the precise design and process needs of our customers.

L&L XiP systems are designed to accommodate the wide variation of vehicle build rates that are common in the commercial vehicle industry. XiP material technologies are available with manual application for low volume prototyping right up to high volume robotic systems. L&L engineers work closely with customers to achieve efficient and accurate material application thereby ensuring cost effective and consistently high quality components.

L&L XiP sealants and adhesives have been created to precisely match the plant hygiene requirements defined by many customers across the commercial vehicle industry.

XiP technology is revolutionizing customers’ application processes. Wash out and bead slump issues associated with paste and liquid adhesives are completely eliminated.

Complex and difficult to maintain pumping equipment can be replaced with standardized equipment that is easily integrated into common body assembly process systems.

As XiP systems are dry to touch films, adhesive application can be outsourced to Tier 1 suppliers, including metal stampers, composite molders or integrators, removing further process complexity from commercial vehicle OEM facilities.

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