Making Industrial Units quieter and cooler


L&L Products is a supplier to various industrial market segments such as generator sets, air compressors and other industrial noise enclosures. With a team dedicated to providing the best sound absorption and thermal properties to customers, L&L is consistently working to optimize its technologies to be able to meet specific customer needs.

The L&L thermal and acoustics team specializes in engineering vertically lapped fiber webs that make it difficult for sound to pass through while also being able to be exposed to high heat temperatures. These vertically lapped fiber webs are referred to as DECI-TEX®technologies and vary in thickness, density, fiber diameter and facing.

Key product attributes of DECI-TEX®include:

  • Excellent sound absorption across wide range of frequencies
  • Good heat resistance and UL certifications
  • Improved chemical and environmental resistance vs. foam
  • Engineered mechanical resilience (dimensional stability)
  • UV stable
  • Minimal environmental footprint

In addition to the industrial segments mentioned above, L&L Products in Australia also provides innovative acoustic and thermal solutions for HVAC units. For more information on specific HVAC solutions and to download data sheets, click on the button below or contact our Australia office at +61 (03) 8710 7400.

HVAC Solutions