DECI-TEX® Acoustic Technology

DECI-TEX® Sound Absorption

L&L DECI-TEX® offers vertically-lapped fiber-based, acoustic solutions that are precisely tuned and engineered from customer-specific applications in engine enclosures.

DECI-TEX® delivers a unique value proposition founded on premium acoustic performance at lower weights and with less material usage compared to competitive products.

The resilience of the vertical fiber construction achieves superior mechanical integrity over other forms of nonwoven insulation and avoids compression, thereby retaining its acoustic performance over time.

DECI-TEX® is typically combined and customized with acoustic facings, which provide an aesthetically pleasing, durable and moisture resistant surface.

Typical applications include noise reduction for industrial enclosures such as: generator sets, air compressors, pumps and HVAC units.

Key Product Attributes

  • Ability to be exposed to higher temperatures
  • Improved thermal resistance vs. foam
  • Improved sound absorption at diesel engine frequencies
  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Does not hold fluids and does not support mold growth
  • UL94 HF-1 certified / UL2200 compliant
  • Repositionable PSA option

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