L&L Seal Solutions

Bringing together polymer science & adhesive technology

In the 1970s, L&L Products developed heat activated polymeric sealing materials. Since then, it has worked consistently to optimize its sealing technology by leveraging its polymer science and adhesion technology expertise and expand its portfolio offerings to room temperature activated materials.

Heat activated sealants

L&L’s expanding sealants portfolio consists of both rubber and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)-based sealants offering varying levels of expansion, density and cell structure, once heat is applied. L&L’s sealants allow even the most complex cavities to be filled and sealed.

Materials exist to satisfy specific customer needs such activation under various curing conditions, adhesion to different types of substrates and resistance to specific environmental exposure conditions.

Sealing products may be supplied as:

  • Pressure sensitive tapes
  • Injection molded parts
  • Multi-component assemblies
  • Extruded profiles
  • Pressure sensitive material
  • May also be applied directly onto surface by L&L XiP system

Room temperature curing sealant/adhesives

L&L has expanded its sealant offerings by formulating a series of innovative one-component sealant/adhesives that completely cure at room temperature. Materials have a wide range of mechanical properties, from elastic sealants to creep resistant elastic adhesives.

L&L’s room temperature curing sealant/adhesives are free of solvents, VOCs and toxic isocyanates. Our sealant/adhesives allow for direct adhesion to many substrates without primers or pretreatments.

L&L XiP (eXtrude-In-Place) technology

L&L’s XiP technology combines custom formulated chemistry with the capability of a fully automated application process. It involves extruding and applying a L&L formulation directly on to a metal substrate by a robot.

XiP compatible materials are formulated to be dry-to-the-touch immediately after being extruded onto the substrate for improved handling.

For more information on specific technologies, please contact L&L Products or visit our resources page with more detailed information.